NFL Draft Countdown

When it comes to the NFL everyone is a little bit obsessed in the United States, at least just a little bit and this is something that we are going to exploit in this list of articles because as we know just as much you do how well the NFL has been orchestrating the advertisement strategies against all of our minds we are still going to make sure that you understand that when it comes down to the NFL we are here to say that we don’t like it as much as you probably think we do. So of course the whole point of this entire list of articles and blogs is all about the 2016 NFL Draft prospects and because we are going to be talking about the 2016 NFL Draft prospects that means that this is actually really important content for a lot of you football lovers out there and we know that and that is exactly why we are publishing this written content on this web page right now because we think it is actually relevant for once and for all. But of course the NFL Draft is one of the times in the year in which the entire landscape of the NFL can change and that is because every single season there is a gigantic draft class that is about a few hundred people long, and this is well larger than any other draft classes in any other sport and that is why the NFL draft is such an exciting draft because there really are just so many picks and it is just an exciting part of the NFL’s season and of course the off season. So as we continue to talk about the 2016 NFL Draft prospects I think it is important to keep in mind that a lot of these kids are not necessarily going to be picked where we think they are going to be and for the most part we are only going to be talking about projected first round picks who actually have a chance at being really successful in the NFL and of course these are the people that we want to learn more about anyways, so let’s continue our conversation about the 2016 NFL Draft prospects.

So the next of the 2016 NFL Draft prospects that we are going to be talking about is a guy named Vernon Hargreaves and he is a corner back that is coming out of the University of Florida. There is no doubt about it that the best corner backs in college football have a good chance of going in the first round and that is because teams are always looking for the next really good corner back to help their defenses get a little bit better in pass coverage, but of course this strategy could back fire because there are a lot of good players in the first round available. Hargreaves definitely has what it takes to be a shut down corner in the NFL and I think that he is going to go in the top 10 and will make a big difference defensively for whatever team drafts him.