There really are so many really great players that are a part of the 2016 NFL Draft prospects and that is definitely due to the emergence of college football getting better and better and improving the players abilities and things like that, but of course we might not be seeing too many big super stars out the 2016 NFL Draft prospects but there are definitely a lot of solid pros in this group and I think that the ways in which some NFL teams use their picks this NFL Draft is going to change the ways in which those teams will be able to perform next season and for the most part every team is going to be looking to build on their team and make their teams a little bit better than they already are and this is something that everyone should be really excited about in general. So if you are the type of person who really likes football then you definitely are in the right place on the internet because we are going to be talking about the biggest event of this off season and the 2016 NFL Draft prospects and what they offer and where they might go in this draft, so thanks for being here and we know that if you like football you are really going to like what we have to say about the 2016 NFL Draft prospects, so let’s continue talking about the 2016 NFL Draft prospects.

So for the next of the 2016 NFL Draft prospects that we are going to talk about we are going to talk about a guy named Seldon Rankins who is a gigantic defensive tackle out of Louisville and this guy is definitely gigantic and was dominant during his college career and is definitely going to take that into the NFL and be one of the biggest defensive threats to other teams throughout his career most likely. Rankins is really good at stopping the run and rushing the quarterback and gets a bunch of sacks in general and is just a gigantic force that is hard to stop, and that is of course going to lead to a bunch of people lining up to get this kid, and he more than likely is going to be drafted in the early first round because teams are going to love this guy.

The next of the 2016 NFL Draft prospects that we are going to talk about is another defensive tackle named A’Shawn Robinson and he is from Alabama so you know he is going to be really good in the NFL and he is absolutely huge and is over three hundred pounds and six foot four inches tall, so he is a giant person who is good at football and will definitely be a good pick for anyone who takes him in the draft, and he is also one of the best of the 2016 NFL Draft prospects.

The next of the 2016 NFL Draft prospects is a guy named Laquon Treadwell out of Ole Miss and he is the first wide receiver that we have talked about so far, and he definitely is pretty good but he is still up in the air how good he is going to be in the NFL but he definitely will be the type of guy who will be good as a rookie and make an instant impact for the team who drafts him.